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    Default Rosewill REGD-TN439L0 Infrared Thermometer

    Here is a good deal for making candy etc. Use my promo code and get it for 17 bucks with free shipping.


    + $7 off w/ promo code EMCJHHF69, ends 12/25

    Check temperature without surface contact
    Laser pointing device
    Large LCD Screen

    Powered by laser sight technology, the Rosewill REGD-TN439L0 infrared thermometer can measure object temperature from -35 to 365C(-31 to 689F) at ambient temperature from 0 to 50C (32 to 122F) with +/- 1.5C(2.7F) accuracy and 0.2C(0.5F) step in just one second. Its large LCD screen with bright amber color backlit shows legible realtime temperature information. Featuring longer battery life and auto power off, this infrared thermometer lasts longer between charges.

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    Default Re: Rosewill REGD-TN439L0 Infrared Thermometer

    A candy thermometer cost me four bucks at the supermarket.

    It lacks electronic gadget coolness, though.


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