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    Default Winter Water Observation

    Just thought I would share what I observed yesterday. Im a first year beekeeper up in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and its been a hoot. Bees are so interesting and fun. For the winter I placed 4 double deep hives together on a pallet, wrapped with r12 fiberglass insulation made into a plastic blanket, placed a 7 inch cloth bottomed box with filled with wood chips(with 4- 1" exhaust holes) and I have an upper entrance (.5" wide by 5/16" tall) as well as the bottom entrance about the same size. Yesterday it was -18 celsius (0 F) and with windchill about -30 celsius (-22 F). I do have a few pieces of plywood around the hive leaning up against it to block the wind. We went to clear any snow or ice around the entrances and to our surprise there were bees in them. Live bees! Upon further examination we saw that they were licking up water that was condensing on the blobs of ice around the upper entrances. They were only sticking around the entrances and were not actually going anywhere but very interesting as I assumed they would be clustering tightly in the cold. We splashed a bit of snow on the upper entrance and it melted rather quickly. Much warmer around the entrance than I would have thought. Just another example of the wonderful surprises these little creatures have to offer. Merry Christmas and good luck in the new year. Ben Wisniewski

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    Default Re: Winter Water Observation

    And Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you! Do you have a frosty mustache around theat upper entrance int the cold? Good sign they are getting rid of the extra moisture and maybe too much so if they are coming to the entrance for moisture. I would let that snow pile up around them, it is more insulation and a great windbreak. that snow piled around will also slow down the chimney effect you may have going.

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