I am going into my 3rd year of beekeeping and have a question about replacing the queen in one of my 3 hives. I started with 2 italian queens/packages my first year, one of which swarmed (and I caught to make my 3rd hive). The new queen that was made from that hive as a result of the swarm has turned out to be quite a bit meaner than I want to work with. This hive however is also my biggest hive and a super honey producer compared to the other two. Assuming this hive makes it through the winter, I am trying to decide how I should go about replacing her in the spring. I think it will be difficult to find her to "pinch" her due to the shear number of bees in that colony (and how angry they are whenever I go in that hive). I am comtemplating just letting them swarm in the spring to get rid of her and hoping I get a better resultant queen from her after she is gone. What are the chances that I will get a more docile queen if it comes from her? I am worried that any new queen from her eggs would be just as mean if not meaner. Is this true? Any other suggestions?