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    Default Re: Are we trapped by treatments?

    If you run 60,000 chickens I think you will understand a few things. From what I know, flocks that size are medicated in bulk. Individual chickens are not diagnosed seperately, or treated seperately.

    Health and hygeine involves walking around picking up and throwing away anything too sick / dead, to run away. Other chickens still capable of running away may be suffering horribly.

    Mass chicken farming makes beekeeping practises pale by comparison. However that does not mean the owner is not interested in his birds, it means there is an economic threshold he cannot go past and survive financially.

    Just for the record, there is quite a move in my country to improve the lot of farmed chickens, and I'm in fiull support of it. I buy organic free range eggs that cost several multiples more, but I know that chickens were not brutalised to cut a tiny amount of money from my budget.
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    jim, crossroads in a way i guess, for some. for me i see it more of a moving forward.

    it would be awesome if i am able to perpetuate these colonies off treatments, for the challenge of it, as well as for becoming a resource for good bees in my area.

    that being said, i'm not opposed to using sugar dusting or the organic acids as a 'stepping stone' to transition colonies who fail off treatments until (hopefully) a new queen turns them around.

    if i am lucky, the colonies requiring intervention will be the exception and not the rule.

    i am firm believer in that practices don't have to be either/or, as they can be both/and.

    this may not set well with hard core tfb, and that's ok too. i don't have to let myself be 'branded' into any camp.
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    Default Re: Are we trapped by treatments?

    Quote Originally Posted by Oldtimer View Post
    If you run 60,000 chickens ...
    I'd have to build bigger equipment.
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    Default Re: Are we trapped by treatments?

    Good thread! Heated at times but from what I see, the left and the right point to a middle ground, which I see. Tough situations, tough decisions.

    This thread helps me as a young beek see my steps down the beekeeping road.


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