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Home jigs that let you cut one dado at a time will require two setups and remembering to cut that first one properly.
psfred..I don't understand the two setups you reference. Could you elaborate.

When I get to the end cut I simply lower my dado blade 4 turns,( that is how many turns it takes to cut off 3/8 inch from the top finger of the long boards on my Craftsman saw) shove sled forward, flip board, slide sled forward, raise dado 4 turns and cut remainder of the box joints. Only additional setup is the time it takes to turn blade down 4 turns and then back up 4 turns.

It is a pain trying to discuss something when all we can do is describe., To bad we don't have interactive video so we could hold up a piece, or run a piece across the saw to show what we are talking about.

Anyway, thanks guys. I learn something new every day. Please don't ever take anything I say as being confrontational, I am just trying to understand. And, if there is a better way of doing it, count me in. I appreciate learning how others do it, and I like sharing what I have learned over the years with others.

How is it that I can reread something I have just typed 10 times for grammar, spelling, and typing, then hit reply, only to read my post and find 5 more errors. Good thing we have edit available. Even then I miss some.