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    Default When should I feed pollen patties? going through hives?

    I live in north central Texas and someone I know who has spent a lot of years working with bees recently told me that I should have been putting pollen patties on my bees since September. I've never read that and I do a lot of reading about honey bees. I am looking for opinions from other serious beekeepers. Anyone care to comment?

    He also mentioned that I should be going through my hives every two weeks to check the brood status and v.mite population in the hive. A lot of articles I've read have mentioned that going through the hive too often is a bad thing since it disrupts the hive and there's a chance of damaging the queen every time I go through the hive. Anyone care to comment?

    He's a beekeeper that I have a lot of respect for and he's someone actively involved in working his bees for honey and pollination. I'm curious how other beekeepers manage their hives?

    Most of my hives are located in two primary locations about 120 miles apart and in rural areas. I check the northern ones about once a month but the southern ones may go for two months or more before I check on them. Others are scattered around at peoples city gardens where they've asked for them so my bees can pollinate their gardens for them and get a lot of benefit from city landscaping. Those have only been checked about three times this year. I started with all these hives as nucs in the spring and they all built up to two deeps and some three. I left most of the honey on them. I was not going to treat my hives at all but now I am worried about v.mites killing them due to what I've been reading and I'm thinking of treating them. What would be the best way to treat them this late in the year?

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    Default Re: When should I feed pollen patties? going through hives?

    The fall is a great time to be feeding supplement but that can be a double edged sword. By extending the brood laying season you also increase varroa populations and can potentially set your bees up for an early winter crash. I think I would go with the recommendations of your local mentor. Sounds like he has a pretty good handle on how to raise good bees in your climate. If you are considering beginning a supplement program this time of year, assuming the queens have shut down, it wont hurt but you will probably find that it may not be enough to stimulate the queen to begin laying.
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    Default Re: When should I feed pollen patties? going through hives?

    Mr Lyon, I have some bees that almost certainly have little pollen stored. Would putting pollen patties on them now possibly cause them to get overloaded with solids and get dysentary or would they just not use it until they need it. I know there is no certainty here, just asking your opinion or anyone with expertise for that matter. I am getting good worrying practice thinking about this.


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