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    Default looking for packages or Nucs

    Hi I am looking for nucs or packages in western washington or oregon around portland.. I am mainly interested in Carniolan bees but I would consider Italians for the right price. Thanks Johns Bees.

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    Default Re: looking for packages or Nucs

    Contact Serge at Russell Apiaries Washington website. He is planning on offering some locally acclimated over-wintered 5 frame nucs from carniolan based stock.

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    Default Re: looking for packages or Nucs

    We will have nucs for sale with our Oregon/PNW adapted hygienic Survivor Stock. Their behavior is very Carni like in that they are very sensitive to the pollen flow, brood up fast, but begin winter prep early. I take a load up to Portland every year in mid May after the queens are mated here in Southern Oregon. Our girls have been wintering very successfully in your region and I could put you in touch with some folks with a lot of experience running them in your area.
    John B Jacob


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