Hi, I'm curious if a little 2 to 1 syrup will hurt the bees this time of year.
It was 50 yesterday so I checked on some of the smaller hives. I gave them a mason jar of syrup figuring that they could use it.
They have been flying a bunch the past few weeks.
They came up to see what was up and perked up at the sight of the syrup.
I put it off center of the hole in the inner cover on little 1/4 inch shims so if it dripped it would drip on the inner cover not on the bees.
It was 48 today here but will be high of 40s the next week

I won't feed them again for the rest of the year aside from perhaps some dry sugar up top.
I just wanted to give them a little something incase they could use it.

I'm not sure if the bees maintain any open nectar when it is cold out or if they only eat the capped honey.

Does it take alot of feeding syrup in cold to cause problems or does even a little do it?

Thanks, VW

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