after a week of many emails and evening conversations over the phone i decided to buy his straw machine.

1.unit came with the manifold, plate, DVD and case of straws in one box! (Friday)
2.heat sealer was going to be shipped the following day.( received it Tuesday)

after speaking with Wayne over the phone prior to the order i kinda had an idea of the operation but reviewing the DVD was very helpful! (jumping ahead-- after making about 100 straws i watched the DVD again which was helpful and recommended)

UN packed the unit Friday night and was chumping at the bit to get started. i had a heat sealer out in the shop that i tried first on the straws and it was not large enough to seal the straw tips (glad i tried it on empty straws before i took the time to set up the whole process which takes about 10-15 min.) so i called Wayne and told him what unit i had and he confirmed that it was to small of a unit. i needed 2x the wattage!

Tuesday rolls around sealers in..

when out to the sun room, set up the hot plate, placed a jar of honey in the pot ,heated it up 125 (Honey), loaded the manifold with straws,primed the squeeze bulb and started to filled the straws!
After about 50 straws u will get the hang of it.
since i had it in operation i only made straws for a total of 3 hours and 3 occurrences!
i am to new to report (i would think i would need 20 hrs. or so behind the machine to give you a full report!)

few things i found out

1. when u decide to make straws-- MAKE STRAWS! i made mine in my un heated sun room, when i got distracted and had to leave for the room the honey cools in the manifold,the primer bulb and its lines so it was hard to get started again!

2. when you are finished filling straws for the day drain the system while the honey is still warm.

communication has been positive so far with the maker. in fact he even called me while i was making them to ask me if all was going well! he returned all my e mails which he promised in the beginning he would do which means alot to me.
i been a beekeeper for year and a half but been retailing honey at a farm market for sometime now. i been paying between .14-.18 cents per stick wholesale now i can make my own with my honey.
i been researching honey straws filling devices before with bad communication with the owner of one in particular machine few years back and another one that wanted 8k for a mechine..this system is the most reasonable by far. i tried to make one in the past and it failed! this unit took the guess work out of figuring out how to make one.

i will post some pictures in a bit. i made about 600 sticks so far. the only thing that sucks it trimming them but i am getting better at it.

his system works for me!