In the spring, a friend and I will be starting two hives in south Austin, Tx. We like the idea of foundation-less beekeeping standardized on medium 10 frame supers, but are concerned by the possibility of things going wrong soon after the installation of the first packages. If we use the "Popsicle stick in bar groove" method for guiding the bees to build comb in the plane of the frame, but have no existing drawn comb to use as a guide on both sides of an undrawn frame, what are the odds that all the comb is crazy after week 1-2 and I am going to have to cut it out and pursue other measures?

Is it worth trying to buy drawn comb from others to put in every other frame in the first two supers? Are there other methods that have worked for any of you for getting a new colony to draw straight, foundation-less comb other than or in addition to the Popsicle stick method?

Thank you for the help,