Hi All and Happy Winter from the Northwest!

I was wondering about feeding during the winter - I have a hive that feels a bit light and would like to return some of the honey I took from them this last fall (while reducing the stack to only two boxes...).

I was maybe wanting to make them some sort of pollen/honey patty. I dont want to heat the raw honey up too hot and kill all the good things in it but would like to be able to feed them on the top bars or make a feeder frame with my patty held in place with hardware cloth. I have an quilt box I can invert and place on top of the hive to give them room above the top bars for some sort of feed if need be. Does anybody have a recipe for making a patty with those ingredients that would work with this application? Is this what I should be feeding the bees at this time in the winter?

Also, since it is only one hive that is light Im not concerned with spending extra money for real pollen...where is the best place to purchase real pollen?