After seeing what them red frisbees can do to a strong healthy hive, im going to do my best to help them along with the fight against VM and have decided to go with OAV as my method of treating. I have been searching on youtube and on here as well as good ol' google to find different methods and cost efficiency. I have come up with possibly buying the JB 200 from up in Canada, actually from the Island I lived on for a while as a kid!!

Anyone with any experience with the tool please chime in!! Or if you have heard of something else that might be latest and greatest, let me know!!

I would like to build one, but dont have the mechanical expertise in this area, although some of you have made some great OA vaporizers!!

I plan on carrying a marine battery for the power source and will eventually be treating somewhere in the neighborhood of 20+ hives next year.

Thank you very much for any input you have!!