Hello all! I am a new beekeeper, started April 2012, from Pendleton County, Kentucky. I started my first hive in April from a wild swarm we collected from one of my husband's coworker's tree. They quickly filled up their 2 deeps and we added 2 medium supers, which they filled with 62 pounds of honey in two months. So far they seem to be thriving (knock on wood!).

I have wanted to get in to beekeeping for quite some time, as my grandfather and great uncle were beekeepers and I have fond memories of their beekeeping stories as well as eating jars of honey and chewing the comb. Last spring we got our 20 acre farm and moved from a subdivision, allowing me the opportunity to pursue the dream.

I have already purchased two more hives to get assembled and ready to go for spring, and may purchase a few more before spring arrives. I am hoping to read up on making split, as I really want to keep this line of bees going. They seem to be extremely gentle, seem to be good honey producers, and came from a local wild hive that had been there for at least 10 years.

I'm also the mom to a very, very active and entertaining 3 y/o little boy. When I'm not chasing him or dreaming of more hives, I enjoy photographing nature and especially my bees.