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    Default Re: Finally extracted our honey

    Quote Originally Posted by Acebird View Post
    (Rader, I'm trying to help Barry out)
    I can't speak for Barry, of course, but I suspect that Barry really appreciates your assistance in this matter.
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    Default Re: Finally extracted our honey

    Quote Originally Posted by JRG13 View Post

    I'm not knocking ur work, but when I get a piece of equipment, I have standards it must meet.
    I think you are.

    I do not build junk. I designed and built this system from the ground up. It ran for 23 years, 6 days a week, around the clock. I doubt any bee equipment out there runs under these extremes but what I have seen so far doesn’t look like this after 23 years as little as it gets used.

    Mind you, I got paid handsomely for doing this and I did not get paid for making my extractor, only in the pleasure of making it work. I have no regrets doing either project. I had fun doing both. Jrg13 can you appreciate the difference?
    Brian Cardinal
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