I checked on my hive today, I have a top feeder from Kellys, after reading about bees not having enough honey so survive, I made candy board and placed it in the top plastic top feeder section, One, is this right?
two, my hive is brood box is a shallow, then I have deep, then two more deeps, I looked today, each box has 9 foundations full of honey, so 18 foundations deep and 9 shallow.
My bees are clustered in the brood box.
I pulled several honey frames out today to look for problems.
Question should I pull the top feeder, with the board candy, The bees are staying low,
It's been in the 50's here and winter isn't suppose to get here till next Thursday or Friday.
the reason I was at the hive today was mainly to wrap it up for the winter.
It rained last nite, looked for moisture, none!
Things look nice, used a stethoscope l have a Lippincot brand, top of the line.
They were buzzing around according to the sound.
My thoughts are just leave it alone till spring then check um out!