Wasn't really sure where to put this so mods if it belongs somewhere else feel free to move it. Central IL is starting to see more confirmed cases of Emerald Ash Borer moving west, just saw in the news the town just to our NW has a quarantine on firewood, limbs, and chips over 1" in size due to confirmed EAB in the area. Some arborists are recommending proactive treatment with imidacloprid and other systemic insecticides. I did a little google research on the relationship between bees and ash trees (specifically pollen) and found that ash trees are a significant source of early spring pollen. Having worked for a short time selling herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides to the home applicators and I know that lots of people have the "if a little works good, then a lot works better" attitude. I'm curious about what affect the additional insecticide load will have on bee colonies especially in cases where the product is not used in accordance with the label which I'm sure is done more often than not.

I did find this PDF that had a compiled list of studies showing the relationship between bees and ash trees.