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    Default Q: When to start stacking?


    I have a couple of nucs I am going to overwinter, by placing them on top of one of my strong full-size hive. This'll be a first for me.
    I live in New England (MA), and have a question: When do I stack them on the hive?

    It seems to me that once I stack them, I can't easily service the bottom hive. So if I am going to put on some emergency feed (sugar candy), I need to do that before I stack.




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    Default Re: Q: When to start stacking?

    Not too many people stack any more for the reason you've stated. If you do want to stack, make sure the bottom hive is well provisioned - check the weight - before you stack. For much of New England the time is past for feeding liquid feed to get the hives up to weight. If the hive is under your target weight, emergency winter feed may be called for in the form of dry sugar, a candy board or fondant.

    Some beekeepers add dry sugar as "insurance." I don't like the practice and believe the beekeepers have been lazy not getting hives up to wintering weight early enough in the season.

    If you are determined to stack and determined to give emergency feed, you can go ahead and do it now.

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    Default Re: Q: When to start stacking?

    I have tried it several ways. I did better with just saw cuts on a plywood divider, than a mess screen divider. Seems like to much heat went up with the screen divider. just ripping about 5 slits in a plywood divider lets some heat up but not all the heat..
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    Default Re: Q: When to start stacking?

    If you're moving them up from somewhere in the same apiary, wait until all flights are done for the season.


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