Well, before y'all think too highly of me, let me set something straight. I kinda segregate my personal hives from our "business" hives. This is the second hive out of the 8 (now 6) of my "personal" hives that I've lost. We get 5%-10% loss each year in the 87 "business" hives. The business hives are not treatment free by any standard, but my personal hives are somewhat, except for the FGMO fogging that I do each fall for mites. Don't know if fogging helps for sure, but it makes me feel better! So this is my own 2nd hive loss; but between me and my partner, it's a little different. My partner had a 15% AFB outbreak 4 years ago, so we now treat Terramycin on the business hives, plus OA and FA for mites, and occasionally Fumagillin for Nosema ceranae. So bear with me as I speak about my hives versus the business hives. Thanks!