Hello all,
I went out on to my beeyard this fine warm day (60 F) in Cheyenne, Wyoming. I was just popping covers, looking and making sure all was well. The first three hive have large healthy clusters, and are good and heavy. I proceeded to the fourth hive, took off the cover, and I noticed that there were no bees at the top, there was no noticeable heat (like normal), and no "zzzzzz"ing. I kinda frowned, and then decided to take the hive apart. Sure enough, dead, starvation by appearance. Bee butts sticking out of cells, as well as the other dead bees "clustering" around. I am some what confused, since this hive weighs 130 pounds, nearly full of honey. The two outer frames on each side of the first (lower) hive body were full of honey. The middle six frames had the dead cluster and were totally empty of honey. All ten frames in the upper hive body were full of honey. Note: There wasn't much pollen anywhere. Well here are some photos:

The hive:
Picture 002.jpg

Looking down the frames through the inner cover:
Picture 003.jpg

Upper story:
Picture 004.jpg

The frames in the upper story look like this (no bees at all in the upper box):
Picture 005.jpg

Looking at the lower story:
Picture 006.jpg

Outer frame from lower box:
Picture 007.jpg

Next four pictures are from the middle of the broodnest/cluster:
Picture 008.jpg

Picture 009.jpg

Picture 010.jpg

Picture 011.jpg

The bottom board (screened):
Picture 012.jpg

Do y'all agree that this was starvation? If not, what else could it be? What should I have done to prevent this? Thanks in advance for your input!