Watching the huge small cell snit, I thought I would partition the fight and talk about drawing comb. It seems to be a mystery to many what it's causes and promotions are. It is a given that Apis Mellifera-xxx builds a wide variety of comb sizes, but we are not going to talk about that! Lets talk about the various conditions and coersions we apply to our colonies to get them to draw comb we want in our boxes. My basic beliefs are as follows:
1. Bees draw comb only when they need it, not when you want it drawn.

2. Comb is only drawn when they have an income. I don't care if it is their natural labor or welfare from the beekeeper.

3. Bees produce cells for a purpose and build worker size cells best when they do not need drones. When they need drones, they will build the cells come hell or high water somewhere.

Any comments?