Is there yet a final word on SHB's? I would like to hear input on what some of you are seeing and how the treatment free people are taking care of SHB problems.

Some of my observations:

Hives that are side by side, one hive has lots of beetles, next door has none.

Hives under pine trees with hard clay soil, has no beetle to speak of.

Hives with loose moist soil with compost under them have beetle problems.

Hive under pine tree, that is down to three frames of Italians, still no beetles.

Hive with tons of Cardovans over loose compost soil (at least 16 full frames) has bad SHB infestation, too many to count.

Six beetle traps inside of Cardovan hive for two weeks, no beetles in traps (Bees had them herded on several frames of comb.

Hive about 10 feet away from the above Cardovans, has four beetle traps and they probably had 20 beetles in each trap and maybe four or five to be seen on comb.

Treatments: Beetle traps with oil on iside of hive, Permethrin sprayed on ground under hives with the loose compost soil. No treatments of any kind on hive under Pine trees, with no beetle problems to speak of.