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    Default 2:1 too thick for boardman feeder

    I have been using a boardman feeder all summer and fall for two hive started this spring. I have it on the inner cover with a body around it. they did not store enough honey so Ive been feeding them and now i switched to to 2:1 syrup and it seems now that it gotten cool the syrup doesnt seem to come out of the holes. I could be wrong but but i looks that way. Can the bees "suck" it out if it is not dripping or do I need to make the holes bigger. My question is if they have to be bigger, how big? I dont want to make a mess with holes too big. Anyway looking for advice.

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    Default Re: 2:1 too thick for boardman feeder

    It looks like your daytime lows are now around 38, 39, 40 etc. Once it cools off like that at night the bees are reluctant to take in liquid syrup that is that cold even thought the days are mild. The holes are fine they just won't take it in as before and process it and store it. Try giving them some fondant rolled out on top of your inner cover.
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    Default Re: 2:1 too thick for boardman feeder

    If they don't have enough stores, it's way past time to switch to a candy board or fondant.

    Next year, ditch the Boardman and get a hivetop feeder. You cannot feed a hive up to weight with a Boardman, I found that out last year. No way for them to get enough in to store it. I prefer the Kelley feeder, since it holds 4 gallons and is bee-tight so there are no bees on top. Easy to fill that way, and if you are feeding up, you should feed them gallons at a time using 2:1.

    Use a candy board this time, they work really well to keep the bees alive. Be prepared with a hivetop feeder and some protein patties in the spring, they will need them.


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    Default Re: 2:1 too thick for boardman feeder

    Definatly past time for some different feeding method. A candy board or feeding rim with dry sugar or fondant above the cluster should help. Keep an eye on the consumption rate, they will take more as the weather warms and they start raising brood. Any feed not consumed can be used to make some 1:1 syrup in the spring.
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