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    Default Narrow frames and medium boxes

    Been reading a lot about narrow frames for brood boxes and saw that Bush advocates both narrow frames and using medium boxes only. Both ideas intrigue me but I'm wondering how the two would work together. I have been using one deep for brood and a medium super for their honey storage which I had thought of going to two deeps for a larger colony and increased production.

    So I'm think two mediums for brood with 11 frames each and one super for the winter storage. Ive had issues with honey bound brood frames even with plenty of room above so the narrow frames seem as they might help. Two mediums with 22 frames total wouldn't give me as much brood as two deeps but much more than a standard 10 frame single. Any ideas, thoughts, or info. BTW, the fact the frames are all interchangeable is a big plus as compared to using the single deep setup.

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    Default Re: Narrow frames and medium boxes

    I run 3-4 mediums for the brood/winter stores, depending on the size of the colony, but I don't restrict the broodnest so they can get bigger. You can insert empty comb etc to open up the broodnest as well if they are honeybound.

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    Default Re: Narrow frames and medium boxes

    Concur with Mr. C. Nothing is gained and much lost by trying to limit broodnest.

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    Default Re: Narrow frames and medium boxes

    I use three 8-frame mediums for brood nests in Connecticut. Some of my hives are also on narrow frames. I will continue with the conversion to narrow frames in 2013.

    I don't consider my winter configuration as brood nest and winter honey reserves... it's just the brood nest.
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    Trying to think inside the box...


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