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Thread: Nigerian scams

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    Default Nigerian scams

    I noticed that this email was addressed to both local beekeepers and at least one BeeSource member. I get several similar a week.

    From: fatima jinnah []
    Sent: Monday, December 10, 2012 10:40 AM
    Subject: Dear Good Friend in Christ

    Dear Good Friend in Christ

    Greetings to you and sorry if this message came to you as a surprise. My name is Mrs. Fatima Jinnah. a widow, I found your email address through my husband internet dater late Mr. Serge Jinnah,

    I am presently admitted at the hospital suffering from a blood cancer and Parkinson diseases. I have some funds at bank inherited from my late husband account the amount of $5,500.000. I wish to know if I can trust you to use the funds for charity project and %10 will go to you as compensation. Kindle get back to me so that I will give you more details.

    Yours in Christ,

    Mrs.Fatima Jinnah.
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    Default Re: Nigerian scams

    Please remove the email addresses from your thread or they will get a lot more!
    Welcome to the age of mechanical spam and computer filter tools.
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    Default Re: Nigerian scams

    I think its way too late to worry about the above email addresses getting more spam! They are obviously already in scammers hands, and will get resold and transferred around regardless of what Ollie does.
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    Default Re: Nigerian scams

    Yup it looks like some beekeepers addy book got hacked.

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    Default Re: Nigerian scams

    Send them a response and see what kind of trouble that will bring you..

    Those have been going around for a long time. You have probably gotten some kind of malware just by opening the email. I would run a scan on your computer and make sure you did not pick up something nasty. And set your email software so it does not automatically open emails or preview so you can just delete them in the future. Its the foulbrood of the digital world.


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