I just had to take a peek. It is 48 and rainy but i just tilted the tops to take a peek. Hive 1 was clustered at the top moving around just a litte, hive 2 also clustered at the top moving around a litte more than 1, hive 3 clustered on the top got very active and then there was hive four EMPTY. Just about 30 dead bees no stores. This was a package i got in late May and it only filled on deep super. I should have feed more, should have combine it with another hive should have should have they say hindsight is 20/20. There were about 8 queen cells If i killed the queen on my last inspection about a month ago would they try to make a new one this late in the year? I guess if the other three make it then i am doing good. I will just have drawn comb for a split next spring.