Ok, I'm not a big message board guy... So much so that I can't even remember my old user name or the email I used with it... So this is my "first" post. I live in Geoegia and the SHB is a pain for me. I've tried all the traps and they all work but have drawbacks. I bought a few of the Freeman? plastic traps that you have to add a 3/4" spacer to your bottom board to use (more gaps). Great idea except having to pull it out from the front, having to make custom entrance reducers, and all the gaps around the edge of the trap between it and the bottom board. I've seen where others have built a custom bottom board with a slide out rear metal tray. Hard to build but much better idea overall. My other big problem is well... I like and need a vented bottom board so my bees don't spend the summer outside the hive, leaving the hive under protected.

What's my solution? A custom wood bottom board with a rear removable tray that incorporates an area for ventilation while still having full screened oil trap in the areas it matters most, the edges and back corners where those buggers get corralled. I also have an idea of integrating a lure possibly into the trap as well as a secondary oil trap beneath the vent area if my testing shows its needed or beneficial enough to use.

Any thoughts? My design is all wood, sized for 10, 8, and even 5 frame nucs (the reason for my design actually) and incorporates an angled landing board entrance. My idea is why not add every bell and whistle you can to make something better for the bees if it only takes a few minutes more to make and keeps you from buying more pieces such as a separate landing board. If there is interest and the experts on here think its a good idea, I'll be glad to make some up for people. I'm a carpenter/farmer so they would be quality built. I like my stuff to last! anyway, just excited about my idea and thought I would share and get some feedback.

BTW, my Nuc problem was that I built some with a built in screened bottom and it was a disaster... Beetles took over... the screen was built in my nuc because I also made up some nuc observation tops and extra ventilation was a requirement. With the new design, I can have an oil tray on the nuc when it's at home, remove it for a trip to a school demonstration, still have ventilation and not have to worry about kids sticking their hands under the nuc and getting stung through the mesh since it is inside the bottom board now.