Hi All,
I am new to this site and a new bee ,Have a question I hope somone could shed light on. Had one hive to start, It did great all season,Started out with one deep and ended with four deeps and two supers. Very strong hive I think. Prepared for winter by reducing down to two deeps and one super. Checked a week ago ,weather was in the 60's, hive was active inside and out. Just checked This Saturday and no sounds from hive and no activity outside, So I opened the hive and bees were gone, The top deep and super had plenty of stores, The bottom deep was completey empty and I found a open queen cell. There was about a handfull of dead bees on the bottom screen. Not sure what happen, Did some research and I come up with possable Vorroa mites. Any help would be helpful.I had Russian bees from a package. And feed them all season,I did not harvest any thing just wanted bees to be strong going in to winter.
Thank You In Advance,