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    My question is, how long can you keep your virgin queens caged before releasing them to be mated? Iv had chances to recover virgin queens hatching into the same hive but didn't do it become I didn't know how long you can keep them caged before releasing them into a nuc or hive to be mated.

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    IIRC, a few days to maybe a week? The mating "window" is normally days ~5-12 (after hatching). Before or after that the odds go down. Again, IIRC... most agree that if a virgin hasn't mated within two weeks of hatching, she likely never will.
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    I have great succes in introducing virgin in mating nucs without a cage. The bees just take her in like any other bees. I have found that smoking and spraying them will honey b healthy has helped, since virgins do have a little of phermone. I also like to mark vigins, but pratice on drones first if you dont have experience in marking. The reason for marking, is so i can find and watch the bees after doing the above things to make sure they dont ball her. I have done the same with mated queens in queenless hive that lost thier queen for about 3 weeks. No problem with ever losing a queen
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