I'm looking for some advice on gluing and stapling together new wood frames.

Last winter we bought 10000+- new deep wood frames that were pre-assembled (with the plastic foundation) from both Mann lake and Dadant. It is my contention that the machinery used to put them together does not apply either enough glue and/or the stapling techniques are inadequate for the stress these frames go though while in our hives or during extraction. I have spoken at length with people all the way up the chain at Mann Lake and the only response I seem to be getting is that I am the only beek having an issue with them coming apart. Since I haven't been happy with the way they are building them I thought we'd assemble them ourselves. It's been 20 years since we personally assembled the last massive quantity of wood frames. I want them to last long enough for my son to throw them on the burn pile 30 years from now.

We have been testing different glues and staple angles the past week. Thought I ought to ask you experts out there what you find in frame assembly that works where the top bars dont come loose during hive inspections. Not sure about where your at but the propolis around here can get pretty "thick".

Not looking for answers on Jigs....etc. Just glue and staple info.

What are your frame building recommendations based on experience?

1. What glue do you find holds the best?

a. Elmers
b. Tightbond types 1,2,or 3
c. Gorilla glue vs Gorilla wood glue
d. Others?

2. What size staples do you use?

3. Where do you shoot the staples?

a. Only through the top and bottom bars into the side bars?
b. Any through the end bars into the top bar?

1. If so where and at what angles?

4. Anything else I need to think about or consider?