If packages are working for you, you are not on the treadmill. If they are not working for you then you are.
I need a bee that can stand up to certain amount of neglect. Sometimes health means I am not going to do what I know I should. Sometimes it is just choosing to replace those windows instead of the bees. My bad.

A package bee is like a Holstein when I need a Longhorn. I do not blame the Holstein or the supplier. I am trying to make due with the not quite a good fit for me. The package industry does not need me, the local guy who buys bulk packages and sells singles probably earns his money in questions asked and answered. Not trying to take his spot for certain or disparage him at all.

My take on the start of this posts was simply to encourage those who, like many, have kept bees for years and never tried a split or nuc. By no means are all of them on a package treadmill either. There was no claim of new insights, just a call to give it a try.