when I bought my hives they had some homey in then,it was several yrs old. I added some in june when i caught a swarm, I have 3 frames left..So I checked my hive this week (only the top box) and frames 1&10 had nothing ,but were covered with Bee, 2& 9 full of pollen, 3&8 1/2 pollen and 1/2 honey, 4-5-6-7 all honey. so I took out 1&10 and added 2 frames of honey ...? is should have I moved the pollen to the outside and put the honey at 3&8 ?
also today it turned cold again (29 the high ), I have a screened bottom board with a plywood slide I can pull out and by the debris on the outside edge I can see they are really working those added frames even in the cold.