I don't know how many of you have had the unpleasant experience of trying to get an order done correctly from Brushy Mtn.'s New Columbia retail location, but I've had nothing but bad experiences, including unreasonable hours of waiting, that should've taken 20 mins., constant screw-ups on making sure the order was correct, due to no quality control there, and that they hired a kid, that works in the warehouse pulling orders, that doesn't know the first thing about beekeeping equipment. I complained to the headquarter's management, and after speaking to the store's manager to verify my story, they have decided to "black list" me and are refusing to allow me to do business with them. When I called and asked why, the lady I spoke to told me she checked the file and the store's manager, J.W., was definitely the one that initiated the action, but gave no reason and left no notes why. So I asked her to check with the upper level mangement...she did and this was her reply:

Mr. Famous,

I did have the chance to speak with Shane and he says the decision stands. We are NOT to do any more business with you. For reasons I am sure that you are aware, this was the decision of both the owners and managers. You may contact Jim Wilson at the Pennsilvania Warehouse to see if there is anything else that can be done, but I will no longer be able to help you nor will any of the other Representatives.

I thank you and have a great day

Brushy Mtn Bee Farm.

OK, so if I'm supposed to be aware of the reason why, how come he didn't even notate the file for their own staff to know why? There's only one logical answer...there is no good reason.

Has anyone else had such an experience with this store/manager?? I don't think I did anything wrong complaining about aweful service.