I'm thinking about bees and how they've lived for thousands of years without us, and, thinking that a tree hive offers a few things, but, I don't know details and haven't done research much. Seems a bee hive in a tree has a low hole, and no vent at the top. Trees vary in thickness and cold prevention, etc, based on wood density, quality, and thickness. No idea if bees prefer a thick wood or if they just pick something that is about big enough inside and deal with variances in heat due to trunk thickness.

A few observations-summers are cool as leaves shade. Winters get sun because leaves are gone. Low hole allows ventilation out during winter, but condensation can happen in the top of the hive? Other than that, it's live and let live.

I have a first year TBH and it all worked fine, low entrance holes on one end, one high hole on the far other end for ventilation, but, haven't been thru a winter yet and I've been scared at the whole humidity talk people mention, contradicting my earlier statements about a log hive.

So, asking for input...