Made a new hive this year here in lower Michigan, just N of Grand Rapids. Got our bees April 30. All was great. Drought here, and high temps, but we had a hot tub cover that had a dip in it and they found water there, all summer. Worked great. I have 2 acres of alfalfa and clover, so many blossoms, but the drought hammered it pretty good. We think we have about 30# of honey. 3 bottom entrances on the one end. 2 plugged. I did make 1 high hole on the far end for ventilation-that is open. We have about 15 bars of comb, and the remaining 12 or so are empty. Next year they'll likely fill that out. Our question is-will they make it thru the winter with that much honey? I've insulated it a lot in hopes of keeping them warm so they don't hammer the honey too much. It's 60 today, but normal temps are 30-45, 28 at night...last winter it was warm all thru Dec...Should I feed even tho it's cold? Pollen cakes? What's the best way to ensure they have enough food? Or is 30# enough?