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Thread: Selling bees

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    Cleo when a customer pics up a nuc from you are they in a nuc box or in a single brood box?

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    ilikebs... Either way. Depends on what the customer wants. I could go back and look, but, I would guess that the overwhelming majority are 5 frame nucs in 10 frame equipment. If I put them in 10 frame equipment, I place the bees against one side and add 5 frames of foundation. (Same as in a Top Bar Hive.) This way, even if the customer doesn't pick up for an extended period of time, the bees can draw out the remaining frames, and less chance of them swarming.

    Some people want the nuc to keep for making splits, hiving swarms, or overwintering a nuc. Most want the 10 frame equipment. I don't build 8 frame equipment.

    My Nuc boxes are just like a standard box jointed hive, with detachable bottom, and top feeder top.

    5 Frame Nucs.jpg

    If you notice in the photo I posted of 2012 Nucs, those 8 frame hives, Eco treated, I transferred bees and a new queen into the Customer 8 frame hives. I did 14 of these for the Dowell Bee Company, in Elizabethtown Kentucky. The Dowell's are nice people to work with.

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