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    Default Best quality wood Frame


    I am planning on ordering around 100 wood frames and so I wanted some opinions from people who have used several suppliers for comparison purposes as to who makes the best all around frame.

    I have already searched the archives but since it has been a while since many of these posts I thought it would be good to revisit.

    I am looking for a grooved top grooved bottom frame.

    I have used Brushy MT and Dadant, out of the two of them I think dadant is better as the top bar is slightly thicker so that the plastic foundation does not wiggle around or pop out.

    MANN Lake--have they improved since a few years back? I like the free shipping but there were alot of negative posts about the quality. What kind of wood do they use--I hear it is not pine?

    Betterbee--this one I am interested in alot as now that betterbee is under new ownership the buying experience should be good. I like the fact that the side bars actually have a little "tooth"for the bottom bar groove--I thought walter kelly was the only ones who did this still ( I would by from Walter kelly as their frames appear the best, but I live too far away)

    Thanks alot!
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