On the issue of season. I may actually have to set up shop as much as 2 hours from home, not sure. Reno does not have the best climate for this. May is probably the earliest I can expect bees to be getting really busy and that is just goign to be a couple months behind as far as breeding goes.

So for anyone looking at a Breeding rotation. You might want to first consider where you are rotating them to. Even if you can't consider a 2 hour commute. Most places have little pockets of warmer locations etc. That little patch of ground next to a lake or pond may tend to stay a bit warmer in the spring for example.

Warmer more sheltered abundant resources in the area are all little things that will add up. I can't say this specifically for bees. but I am far from being a stranger to breeding in general. And little things matter.

IF I where still in Kansas I know of a little Pond, Very deep so it has a huge mas to it. that is set right down in a pocket of a canyon. nearly no wind ever. but it faces south and gathers the suns energy all year round. That little pocket is a good two weeks ahead of the surrounding country side every spring. That is where I would put a breeding yard. Plus it has the added bonus of good fishing in that pond. I could use queens that don't measure up as bait.