I've searched for the last 2 hours on youtube, here, google and either I'm not using the right terminology or it's soooo simple that It's not worth posting about - but I can't find my answer anywhere! So at the risk of people having to repeat themselves, can someone tell me what those little "igloo" looking comb builds are that seem to be popping up on the sides of my topbar hive and on the floor?

They look like an igloo or thatched hut made of a dirty honeycomb. Is it that stuff that I see mentioned all over the place, that they use to cover unwanted stuff? Is it bored bees? Should be be worried? I also seem to have a few queen cells in the centre of comb. Emergency queens I think, as the current queen isn't doing too well. The bees seemed agitated, but it's also been quite hot and humid the last couple of days... But I'll leave that particular question to another day - I think I have it solved anyway.