In a conversation with Tom He let me know that they were retireing and will be taking no orders for 2013. I made my order for some remaining queens. The bee community has just lost a pure strain of genetics no one else can compete with. He is recognized accross the world for what they have contributed. From now on the providers of the quality of bees will be open mated. There is nothing wrong with that I just liked the idea that I always new what I was getting. I will be looking for a new provider of pure bred strains and will be making a visit to there facilities. I have never purchased my queens from anyone else for breeding purposes. Now I want your help I want to find a new breeder. I have a yr to 18 months to find just that. Don't waste your time typeing anything Russells not interested in dealing with someone who can't keep their word. Again I wish Tom and Suki the best in retirement and there future whatever that may be. My dealings with them was always great and a man of his word.