(I considered posting this in the Beekeeping 101 section, but Diseases and Pests seemed more appropriate.)

One of the locations that I am contemplating for my first hives typically contains a few large ant hills during the summer. In the few years that we have lived here, they have always been "formica ants" - the usual black and/or red ants that build large, loose mounds of dirt for their nests. They seem fairly harmless... but, then again, I'm not a fellow insect.

So, are these mundane ants a threat to any bees that I would place in the area? Would they steal the honey? Would the bees let them? I know that some types of ants can be problematic... but what about these common, every-day ants?

Also, we typically have a fair amount of "paper wasps" and bumble bees on our property. Not really in the area that the hives will likely be located, but within a quarter mile or so. Are those going to be a problem?