Hello all,
I have had three hives now that have been turned over and scattered at my bee yard. The yard is fenced in by 4-foot pallets, in which the widest opening is about 8-10 inches. The fence make an awesome windbreak, too. The hives are sitting on railroad ties 16 inches above the ground, and they each also have a 15-20 lb rock on top of their lids. Now I first noted something interesting when I set 8 old dryish half-consumed pollen sub patties in the corner of the yard. I forgot about them and went home. I remembered the next morning and drove the 4 minutes back to get them. Not one of them was there and I found just one patty 40 yards outside the bee yard, mostly eaten with small claw marks (skunk or opossum size?) in it. I kinda scratched my head, picked it up and went home. I came back about a week and a half later to find one of my two single deep hives flipped over and scattered. None of the woodenware was damaged in any way, and the hive body had fallen upside down with all the frames intact. The comb had not been touched, and all the bees plus the queen were there still. I put everything back together, and then went home. So now I just got back from the yard, and the same hive plus the other single deep are flipped, too. Same scenario, bees and queens all there, zero comb damage, and no woodenware damage. Just turned over and scattered. The frames landed less orderly this time, but the bees are all there, and like I said, no comb damage. So I put everything back together again, and came home to ask you all about it. There are horses grazing in the pasture around the yard, but I doubt it was them. There are quite a few dog-like tracks around and in the bee yard, but I can't quite tell what shape and size. I am sick of this and am wondering what you think may be doing this and what solutions you may have. Thanks in advance!