Here is a recent post from one of our local bee groups in N.M. I was wondering how accurate some of these statements might be. "I just returned from a Thanksgiving trip to the Texas Hill Country. While I was there I stopped at the Fain's honey processing plant outside of Llano. I asked what kind of bees they had and I was told they are all "African." I learned that it is impossible to have other kinds in that part of Texas, since they dominate the breeding process. Trying to re-queen with other kinds is a useless process. It has taken the fun out of beekeeping there, but they do produce more honey and produce very strong hives. Talking with the 3rd generation beekeeper, it was nostalgic for him when he remembered working the gentle bees with his grandfather. He said now that when you get out of your truck at the hives you are immediately attacked. I guess you drive there with your gear on. "