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    Default Queen cells

    Open a hive today and this is what I found.what should I do.
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    Were there more cells than those in the picture? Appears as though they may have swarmed. Is your resident queen still there? One of these has obviously emerged, so the others are no doubt close behind. With the screwed up comb, you shouldn't have any trouble carefully cutting this comb off. Probably getting late for quality queen mating, but if you want to hedge your odds, cut this comb off and place cells in a nuc. I'd do it tomorrow morning if you have the option. Of course you can just leave them alone and let them sort it out.
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    chances are you are not queen right.
    with that many cells.
    if you are ,actually find the old queen.
    and do a split taking the old queen and a couple of frames out (honey and brood)to a new box.
    yes it's late in the year but, hope for the best.
    you can always recombine in a couple of months if you need to ,by look at the laying patterns and pinch the worst one.


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