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    Default kinda off topic but something new

    have a weak bee hive and decided to try and save it summer drought did not help this hive out in any manner. so here is a link to
    Since bees are becoming more scare we as beekeepers I feel must give the bees all the attention that we can give them. I have had other beekeeps tell me just walk away and let it die off. But when things are still living and etc it is hard for me to just walk away and let nature take it course. but any how enough of my soap box I will let you decide and watch. Sorry my video is not the best of quality but it works

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    Default Re: kinda off topic but something new

    Is this a question? If it is, I would feed through the winter then requeen in the spring. Hobby and Eco-beeks don't need the same
    strength of bees that commercial honeymakers and pollinators do. It only has to make it until spring. Then it can get requeened
    or swarm and hopefully do well from there. If you feed while they are inside like that, it could cause them to rear brood. By spring
    the problem that made them "weak" could be over.

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    Default Re: kinda off topic but something new

    I agree with Steven, and if I were to feed them I might try a jar of honey or 2:1 syrup inverted over the screened vent on top of the hive, you could place a pollen patty on the screen as well, they look plenty active to me and should rear some brood and survive the winter very well with the setup that you have there. Southeast Ohio Zone 6A, Never look down on anybody unless you are helping them up


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