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Thread: Swarm traps

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    551831_412444055453107_224840705_n[1].jpg One of my traps....ended up catching two swarms here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Acebird View Post
    Does a new box smell different than a old live tree? I would put the comb in a frame.
    Coming from a seasoned swarm trapper? I think not, how many swarms have you trapped Ace?
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    Seriously a hollow tree smells like fresh dirt and a new swarm trap smells of fresh cut wood and paint. Nothing like the smell of fresh cut fir and plywood!
    What has better smell a dog or a bee? My bet is both are better than mine, I could never find a bird in a bush or which flower has nectar.
    Nice tree bark pattern, I just used my stencil kits from last year. I got a pair.
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    You know it is funny, but in the summer when I do some woodwork in my driveway I almost always see a few of the girls. I think they are attracted to the smell of fresh cut wood. Of course by time you hang your traps that smell is long gone.


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