Hi all, just wanted to see if there are any fellow Kentuckians I can make friends with? I got started in April of this year with a package from Kelley's. then in early June, I made a split off a friend's booming hive and let it raise it's own queen. So i have two hives going into winter. Using langs. location just north of Louisville. I joined the local and the state beekeepers association, and have a mentor who has been beekeeping since age 13 who has been so helpful. Just trying to connect with anyone who wants to! I've learned so much this year just hanging around other bee keepers and reading books and online. I have been referring to this site all year but just now got the time to actually make a username so I can post. I am looking to expand in the spring, maybe just to 4 or 5. I have all the hive parts ready for spring except that I need to buy a bunch of frames. I had already started to get swarm calls last year, so hopefully I can gain a few next year that way. I have found that this hobby is addicting and fulfills the reason why I started it...stress relief. Nothing chills me more than to be out there with the bees!

One question I have, when people respond to your thread, do you get an email?

Cheers, and nice to "meet" you all!