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    Default 5 frame breeding nuc

    I'm a newbee so be gentle
    If I use a nuc to produce my own replacement queen,do I try to time her maturity to the fall replacement or doI start @ spring flow and then cage her after she starts laying till fall and rotate nursery combs from my hive to keep the workers busy and caring for the queen and if not,what keeps the nuc from overpopulating ?

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    You start your nuc when the conditions are best. Then, if you want the queen at a later date, and you want to keep them in a nuc, you manage the nuc so it won't swarm, and then use the nuc for requeening. If you want to use the queen during the season, remove her when she's laying well, and give the nuc another queen cell within 24 hours.

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    Default Re: 5 frame breeding nuc

    JJ-MP's advice is spot on, but to be clear, you do not want to cage that new queen you want to keep her free and laying. Caging and banking are advanced techniques that are predominantly used in commercial operations. They have a purpose, but they come with their own set of challenges and risks. Its easy to keep extra queens in nuc colonies, and a great way to hone beekeeping skills.


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