Michael Palmer has made comments about the low price he pays per board foot for hive box lumber in his area. I am not that far from him (relatively) in SE New Hampshire but canít seem to find comparable prices to what he has mentioned in dimensioned lumber (have checked as far as southern Maine). I am able to find similar prices in rough cut green wood from local mills so I wonder if that is what anyone is using. With that being asked, follow up questions are:

Do you use rough cut green wood?
How do you treat the green wood before building boxes with it?
Do you air dry it for XX time first?
If not, is there any issue with shrinkage as the wood dries (Ie. Boxes getting to tight for frames, etc)?
Do you then use a thickness planer to finish the stock to depth?
Have you tried hemlock (lots of old barns are made from it around here)?

Any tips on cheaper wood are appreciated!