I, too, had heard about using cotton for smoker fuel, but my real interest was in the plant itself. I read that it had nice flowers (start out pink, change to white), and bees would be attracted to it. So, on one of my road trips, I gathered a few cotton boles from Georgia, brought them home, separated the seed from the actual cotton, and then planted the seeds. I grew lovely cotton plants! And they are such a source of education, also. Most people have no idea what a cotton bole even is (how clothe is manufactured, etc.). Anyway, my cotton plants are 100% organic, as is my hive, as is everything grown in my yard - so no worries from me on burning this in my smoker. Results - not impressed! The cotton did not stay lighted sufficiently to conduct a full inspection of my hives. I went back to pine needles - love 'em! But I'll keep growing the cotton, because it's way cool.