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    Just have to report that I have ordered queens from Velbert for 2 years. I can say they are always high quality and customer service is excellent. this winter was one of the worst I can remember and my nucs stayed buried in the snow for about 3 months. I dug them out yesterday and all the nucs that had Velbert queens survived and were quite strong. Can't recommend his queens enough.

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    I put in my second order. I got some late summer last year and like how they wintered. We have light winters but I have had "lazy" bees in the past and his queens will work in 40 degree rainy weather. They were bursting with bees in my singles and nucs this year. I will be getting queens from elsewhere too by VLW queens are good so far. I would recommend on a high note. Excited to see how the honey production is and how good the bees fill out the boxes I just added.

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    Always received good queens from Velbert..........but I had heard he was retiring. Is this true?

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